Airport Transfer Budapest

We hereby notify the people, - who have booked a transfer through the
" Last Minute / lastminute dot com ", or " Holiday Taxis / holidaytaxis dot com , or " hotel beds slu transfer " or on any other agent and broker websites, - that we have no relationship with any brokers and agents!

WE ARE the company " ATB Airport Transfer Budapest "
and we do not work with any agency company!!

Because your broker give you company name incompletely just " ATB Taxi "
- what is not the complete name of the company what you use,
the company with you travelling likely, and you confuse us with is:
" ATB Taxi Minibus & Limousine Service KFT. "
- which is a completely different company and we have nothing to do with them.
Please try to contact them directly!
We are unable to provide any information about this company.

WE ARE NOT: " ATB Taxi Minibus & Limusine Service KFT. " !!!

Please note that any complaints or reports regarding this company should be addressed to the real company!
If we are wrongfully harmed because you is complaining about the company actually mentioned above on our online platforms,
we will take legal action for defamation!
ATB Airport Transfer Budapest

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